Operation Blessing continues to provide relief to displaced Ukrainian refugees in different shelters in Poland, and one of them is Katolicky Dom Kultury in Krakow Eden. Hundreds of food bags containing rice, pasta, flour, sugar and salt, canned food, and snacks were given to Ukrainians in the area who lined up for hours. One of them was 70-year-old Leonid.  

It was an ordinary workday for Leonid as a security officer in Kyiv when he witnessed Russian missiles bombing nearby buildings. “The explosions were so intense that my body was thrown to the ground because of the impact. My hearing was impaired, my mouth was dry, and I was very dizzy and confused,” Leonid shared.  

Bringing his daughter and granddaughter with him, Leonid left his hometown with a heavy heart. He shared that it was very hard for him to leave the place where he was born. His leg and back condition made the journey a lot more difficult. 

They found refuge in the countryside and stayed there for 10 days. However, he still saw the Russian missiles in the sky heading towards Ukraine. Feeling unsafe, they decided to cross the Ukrainian-Polish border. They stayed in a house of his son’s friend in Krakow, Poland. 

Staff from Operation Blessing prayed for Leonid and encouraged him to believe God for peace in Ukraine. 

For ways to help, go to www.operationblessing.ph or call 09399215543 or 09189067753. DSWD-SB-SP-000061-2021-Nationwide. Valid until Nov 23, 2022.