With the mission to “Honor God, Make Disciples”, the San Fernando congregation of Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) has gone a long way in becoming God’s apostle to poor Filipino communities in Pampanga.

VCF San Fernando is a relatively small and young congregation, but it has a heart to help the less privileged people of Pampanga, particularly the Aeta tribe of Mabalacat.  Truly, this congregation has portrayed the image and likeness of God to their neighbors, to the least of their brethren, as they get involved in different community outreaches and evangelistic activities. The profession of their faith extends beyond the corners of their church.

This year, several members of VCF San Fernando volunteered in two of Operation Blessing’s outreach activities in Mabalacat – one was a Bless-A-Child activity and the other was a medical-dental mission.  The primary target recipients for these outreaches were Aetas who were displaced from their mountain tribal lands when Mount Pinatubo erupted in the 90’s and, subsequently, settled in the lowlands of Mabalacat.


During these activities, the VCF volunteers actively participated and willingly did the tasks assigned to them.  Some of them became counselors, and read words of hope from the Bible and prayed over the individuals who received help from Operation Blessing.  Those who have medical background or training assisted the volunteer doctors and dentists of OB.  Indeed, the VCF volunteers shared their empathy and compassion for the underprivileged.  They considered the Aeta community as part of their own, whom they served during those two special outreaches.


Partnering with Operation Blessing, the volunteers of VCF San Fernando have faithfully done the mission that God has entrusted to them. But more than just a mission, they gave themselves in the service of their kababayans, the Aetas, and such an endeavor will change hearts and minds.