Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Nothing hurts more for a mother than hearing that her son will only live to the age of 21. You can only imagine the fear on 44-year-old Lorna Apolinar’s face upon hearing this heartbreaking news.

The older of her two children, Aaron Jasper, 11, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a disease where “abnormal genes (mutations) interfere with the production of proteins needed to form a healthy muscle.”

Lorna, Jasper, and Joshua, Jasper’s younger brother, happily came to the circumcision mission site at Barangay Bayan Luma 9, Imus City, Cavite in hopes that they may be able to consult a doctor about his condition, and even for Jasper to be circumcised.

The wheelchair that Jasper used was his grandmother’s because they still cannot afford to buy his own. Most of their money is allocated for the boys’ school expenses and Jasper’s weekly therapy.

“Our only resort is a tendon release [operation], but the doctors do not want to do it. It is now hard for me, not because I do not want to bring him to school and take care of him, but because I can’t take it when I see him sad and scared of the future. I don’t want to believe what they say because only God can take away someone’s life,” Lorna said crying.

Jasper walked normally until he was seven years old. Some months before his eighth birthday, his right foot slowly began to malfunction, and he wasn’t able to walk since then. Today, Jasper’s parents make it a point to bring him to his weekly therapy. Fortunately, he is now able to stand up a little longer than usual.

He was shy, but his laughter can lighten up someone’s day, especially when he laughs and plays with his brother. He was also fearless because he never had a second thought about being circumcised. “The doctor prayed for me and I became brave,” he said softly.

Operation Blessing (OB) staff and volunteers, always ready to provide for the needs of the underserved, assembled Jasper’s wheelchair at the site and turned it over to him after his circumcision. Though he was in pain, he did not hide his happiness when his brother told him he finally has his own wheelchair.





“Thank you for praying for Jasper and for me. Thank you for assuring me that I need not worry because God is working in our lives. Thank you for the service, assistance, and wheelchair. God is so good. I will continue to be brave because I need to. It is for my children,” Lorna joyfully stated.

Jasper is among the 106 young boys who were circumcised during the circumcision mission of OB in partnership with Cherry Mobile. Help us reach more young boys this summer or again extend a gift of mobility to those in need of the assistance. Call us at 477-7802 to 04 and 06 to fuel others’ brave hearts. Let us all join hand in hand to inspire change one family, one community at a time.