Among the hundreds of beneficiaries in Brgy. Lubigan Jr., Sipocot, Camarines Sur who lined up to avail Operation Blessing’s free medical, dental, and optical checkups as well as circumcision, these two caught our attention: an old mother dotingly pushing an old wheelchair where her daughter with special needs is seated on.

Criselda, 67, is a mom of 8 and Marinel, 27, is her youngest. They live just a few blocks away from the mission site. So when she found out that there will be a medical mission in their area, she made sure to secure a slot for her daughter to be checked up.

Because of difficulties in verbal communication, Criselda wanted a health professional to see and examine her daughter. She has no means of bringing her to the doctor as they only live on a small sari-sari store and her husband on occasional farming, making just barely enough to sustain their daily expenses.

Criselda caresses her daughter with care, looks at her with love, and speaks to her with kindness, even if she can’t talk back. “Of my eight children, she is the one I love the most because she is the one with special needs. I will take care of her and love her as long as I live. Sometimes, I worry that when I die, no one would care for her like I do… patiently feed her, bathe her, and change her clothes, and clean her up. I talk to my other children about it.”

The doctor found Marinel to be generally healthy and well. She was given vitamins. Criselda was also checked up and given medicine for her back pain.

Criselda was more than happy for the checkup, vitamins, and medicine that she and her daughter received. “Thank you so much for coming here and for the free checkup and medicine for my daughter and I. May God bless all the donors and the whole team.”

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