Since Sophia was just two years old, her mother, Helen, had noticed that she often tripped when walking. It wasn’t until later that she discovered the reason why.

Helen Malacad, 36, had always been a loving and caring mother. She has four children now, but she was supposed to have five. Unfortunately, she lost her firstborn when they were still living in the city. It was a traumatic experience for her, and the thought of hospitals made her anxious. She was always afraid when her children got sick, and it took a while before she could go to the hospital without feeling scared.

Helen and her husband now live in the Bicol region with their four children. Her third child, Sophia, had cataracts.

“I noticed it first when Sophia was just two years old,” Helen shares. “She often tripped when walking, then I tried to test her by letting her grab things and sort items. I saw how Sophia struggled, and from then on, I became very careful in guiding her, even when stepping upstairs.”

Sophia’s cataracts also became a challenge, especially when studying. “I had to rewrite her lessons in a pentel pen for bigger fonts so Sophia could read them,” she narrated. Helen wanted to do everything she could to help her daughter, but she didn’t have the financial means to do so.

They went to a doctor in 2021, but the news was not good. The doctor said that Sophia needed surgery, and they needed to prepare ₱62,000 ($1,100). It was a huge amount, and with no stable source of income, they couldn’t afford it.

Helen was worried and didn’t know what to do until Operation Blessing stepped in to help.

She was overjoyed when she received the news that the organization would provide help through its Life-Changing Surgery Project. She cried tears of joy and was thankful for Operation Blessing’s help. She knew that without their help, she wouldn’t be able to afford the surgery, and Sophia’s condition would only worsen. “I am grateful for the kind hearts of those who made this possible for my daughter.”.

Sophia underwent surgery, and it was a success. Helen couldn’t believe how fast it was, and Sophia was able to see clearly again.

“I feel happy that Sophia can now have a better future and can enjoy her childhood like any other child,” she expressed.

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