Forced to start over from scratch in the aftermath of a disaster, Racheal and her family faced an uncertain future.

Racheal Catapal, a 31-year-old mother, and her family had lived in a small coastal town in Southern Leyte. They had a simple life with the support of her husband, until one fateful day when the devastating Typhoon Yolanda hit their town.

“We lived in my in-laws’ house back then, but it was destroyed by the typhoon. We lost everything, and with nowhere to go, we were forced to live in a temporary shelter with hundreds of other survivors in our area,” Racheal narrated.

The family struggled to get by, but they refused to give up hope.

When Operation Blessing (OB) came to the aid of the typhoon survivors, Racheal and her family were given a new house to live in through OB’s Community of Hope Project. It was a simple but sturdy concrete house with a roof made of galvanized iron.

In March 2023, after almost 8 years of tireless effort in providing assistance to the COH beneficiaries, OB finally turned over the deed of donation to all 100 families, including Racheal’s. “For the first time in my life, we have a house that we could call our own,” Racheal said tearfully.

But that was not all. OB also gave Racheal livelihood assistance, and she was able to start selling frozen processed goods and run an e-load retailing business. She used the money she earned from her business to support her family and pay for their daily needs.

“To my surprise, the business took off quickly, and in just two weeks, I was able to return the capital that OB has provided me,” she said. And with the combined profits from her business and the income her husband makes, they were able to buy a four-wheel vehicle that they used to go in and out of the community.

For Racheal, it was a dream come true. She had always wanted to have her own business, but she never had the means to start one. She had always wanted to have her own house, but she never had the means to build one. With the help of partners like YOU, she was able to make her family’s dreams realized!

Today, the Catapal family are doing well. They have a steady source of income and a house that they can call their own. Racheal is grateful for the help that OB provided, and she hopes to pay it forward by helping others who are in need.

Operation Blessing is committed to transforming lives in the aftermath of a disaster. To support our efforts, go to #CommunityOfHope #HungerRelief #DisasterRehabilitation #TyphoonYolanda #OperationBlessing


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