Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Romnick Casiber, 5, lost his mother to an unknown sickness just after typhoon Yolanda hit the country — leaving him and his brother, who is now 1 year old, in the custody of their grandparents. Their father needs to work away from them as a construction worker, yet his income is not enough to compensate for their needs.OP Quarterly_Significant Life Changing Story_BAC_Romnick Casiber_September (1)-001

His grandparents also strive to provide for their needs, such as their shelter and everyday meals, but they are not getting any younger, and their income only comes from farming the land they do not even own.

In God’s always perfect timing, Romnick was chosen as one of the beneficiaries of Operation Blessing’s Bless-A-Child (BAC) program, with the help of Orphan’s Promise. The BAC project addresses the healthcare needs of undernourished pre-school children by providing nutritionally balanced meals, quarterly medical check-ups, and if applicable, even free education for one year.

“We are eight in the family; I and my husband work to provide our needs, but our income is not enough for our everyday life. I am thankful that Romnick became a part of BAC because there is an assurance that for one year, he will be able to eat nutritious meals.” Lola Violeta said.

Romnick was a second degree malnourished child, was sickly, had a hard time interacting with other children, and his family had no plans of sending him to school because they couldn’t afford his school needs. But changes in his physical health are now manifesting, and he now happily plays with other kids in his pre-school. In fact, his teachers have taken notice of how he is growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually.

Romnick and his grandparents now regularly attend Sunday services and are drawing closer to Christ.

Because of OB and Orphan’s Promise, more children are blessed with the gift of love, generosity, and provision from organizations they never thought would be there to help. Thus, through the program, more children now have hope of their dreams coming true.


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