Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

His mother abandoned him for another man. He was forcefully left with his grandmother who could not provide him the life he deserves. His grandmother, very old then, decided to leave him in the confines and shelter of Philippine Children’s Mission (PCM) in Balagtas, Bulacan. PCM is an orphanage originally put up for children whose parents have leprosy, but now accommodates indigent ones.

“My mother did not take care of me; she doesn’t want me in her life. She had another family and left me with my grandma. Since then, I’ve lost count of the people who took care of me – there were many of them – until my grandmother decided to leave me here. That was the most beautiful thing she did. I never thought that she was selfish because I understand that it was also for her own benefit,” Julius Amameo, 18, said.

Julius said that he saw how his grandmother strived to provide for his needs but everything was just not enough. He does not know his father, never saw him since he was born, but that did not make him hate his fate. Once in the shelter, he showed his yearning for his future. He went to high school with the help of some of the institution’s sponsors, studied hard, graduated from high school on time, and is now a second year student of Bulacan State University taking up BS Electronics. God is so faithful, never leaving Julius in his endeavors as he is doing great with his grades in school.

Julius was one of the jolliest among the beneficiaries during the Holiday of Hope and Cheer (HOHC) program of Operation Blessing recently conducted in PCM. He actively participated in all the activities and even helped in the distribution of their meals. Julius, together with 22 children in PCM, received gifts of hygiene kits, school supplies, and comfort pillows printed with inspirational messages. They also had a sumptuous meal and desserts from the donors of Cakes of Love.



“I am so blessed because it is not everyday that other people come here to give us gifts. There are so many children in far worse conditions than us but the Lord chose to bless us through you. We are so blessed because, of all the children in Caloocan and Bulacan, you came here to change our lives. Thank you for encouraging us and praying not only for us but for our families, too.” he said with a voice full of sincerity.

When asked about his dreams, he said, “I pray that I may find work after I graduate and be able to help my mother. I still get to see her during vacations and I see how hard her life is. Though she never showed me the love and care I needed as a child, I can’t erase the fact that she is still my mother and she is one of the people who helped me have this blessed life.”

8,946 children were blessed through the Holiday of Hope and Cheer in 2014. Indeed, Operation Blessing has again been able to bring comfort, joy, and smiles by showing compassion to the children of the community.

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