Lilia and Marianing, from Agta and Dumagat tribes respectively, are two of the many beneficiaries from indigenous groups who came to our Mobile Clinic in Nagtipunan, Quirino.

Lilia has frequent headaches, hypertension, and wounds on her legs and feet from farming. On the other hand, Marianing experiences fever at night. Lilia and Marianing obtains their income from farming and mat weaving. But even though hard working, their combined income is still not enough to buy medicine and go to checkups, considering that they have six children and two grandchildren to take care of.

Despite the language barrier, the Agta and Dumagat couple expressed sincere thanks to our volunteer doctor, Dr. Zefering Arroyo, who checked them. They were also thankful for the free medicine and vitamins.

“Thank you so much! May you all be blessed so that you can help more people like us.” – Lilia