In our Mobile Clinic activity in Tondo, Manila, we met an old man who walked slowly and whose back was bent. His name is Jose Adana, 83.  

Jose’s job and only source of income is sweeping, and he is hired to work only in the morning. From this, he earns a meager ₱3,000 ($53), which is barely enough for his food. 

Jose lives alone in his small house. His wife died 40 years ago. Occasionally, his three children, who live in the province and also have families of their own, would give him monetary support.  

Two weeks ago, Jose fell from a waist-high bed while he was sleeping. It caused him pain and swelling in his lower back.  

“I was crippled. When I tried to stand, it was painful to stand and walk. But I try to carry on and still work because I need to work. If I don’t work, I will have no money to buy food.” 

Jose didn’t have extra funds to have his back checked and buy medicine. Thankfully, Jose heard of OB’s Mobile Clinic in Katuparan Covered Court, which is just a quick walk away from his house. It was like a ray of sunshine on a dark day. 

Jose came early to secure his slot for a medical check-up. The volunteer physician observed Jose to be hypertensive and have high levels of cholesterol. For further examination, the doctor also requested an ECG, which was made available through our partner, RG Meditron.  

Aside from the free checkup and ECG, Jose received free medicines, vitamins, a New Testament Bible, and a hygiene product from Nivea.  

“Thank you so much! I’m so happy to go home with the medicine and vitamins you gave me for free. Thank You, Lord!” —Jose Agana, 83, beneficiary 

Operation Blessing provided optical, dental, medical, and surgical care to more than 200 patients. With the help of our partners, we also have hairdressing, ECG, ultrasound, and polio vaccine services available in the area.   


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