Written By Tweela Praise, Volunteer Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

LBrylle Joe Cadungog_BeforeWD (2)ife is still bright and beautiful. Brylle Joe, fondly called “Jikjik”, came to the family as the sixth and last child of his parents. He was born with cerebral palsy and at his present age of 23, he has long legs and arms with an active mind. He is living alone with his mom who is a retired teacher. His father died two years ago in an accident. Most of his siblings are already married and some of them are working far away from home.

As you gaze at his lively eyes focusing on either left or right, you can almost hear them speak of joy seeing people visiting their place. He has a bouncy and positive personality. With a beaming smile, he has no hesitation in sharing his thoughts with anyone he meets as long as his mom is by his side. His muscles stiffen as he anxiously wants to express himself. His body moves involuntarily – both his hands and legs flex uncontrollably. His mother would then say, “Relax.” Then, he surely calms down and manages to speak audibly.

Jikjik is gifted with a good sense of humor and is able to make friends. On some days, his cousin visits him. Their routine is to go together and stroll at the plaza, but his mom restrains him from going out often due to the bullying he might receive from other people.

When the Operation Blessing team visited him, he was maneuvering a customized wheelchair he can stand or sit down on. Friendly as he is, he invited us to sit down and openly answered our questions. He even sang a song entitled “Larawang Kupas” with all his heart and might. The young man got us in deep thought on being grateful for what we have. God truly is a God who gives and takes away, whichever magnifies and shines forth His glory all the more.


It matters that the family of those who are disabled can take care of the patient properly and full of love. Just like Jikjik, who is filled with love and undivided attention, a person with such condition can be at his best. Truly, nothing is impossible with the Lord for in this situation, a person who is lacking can still fill the cups of those who have healthy bodies and sound mind.

He dreams. His disability does not stop him from dreaming of becoming a technician someday. With the help of the wheelchair and of someone who can assist him, he can have a better life; a life that is bright and beautiful offered to the Maker alone.


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