In the Island Garden City of Samal, where the Sama tribe resides, life can be tough. The island’s terrain can be unforgiving, and the tribe’s people have to work hard to make ends meet. For Pastor Albin Obon, life has been even more challenging due to his cataracts.

“The clouding in my eyes has made it difficult for me to carry out my pastoral duties,” he admitted. As a leader of his community, he feels responsible for their spiritual well-being, but he can no longer read the Bible or preach with ease. His condition has hindered his ability to carry out his duties, and he feels helpless.

“It’s hard, honestly, but I can’t just quit knowing my family and my fellow tribesmen need me,” he said.

Life wasn’t always like this for Pastor Albin. He used to be a fisherman and worked hard to provide for his family. He prefers to work rather than stay at home. But with his condition worsening, he is no longer able to earn as much as he used to. This has put a financial strain on him, who has a family of six to support.

However, Pastor Albin’s life is about to change for the better as Operation Blessing commits to assist him in his much-needed cataract operation through its Life-Changing Surgery Project. He feels blessed that he will finally be able to see clearly again and continue with his pastoral work.

When asked about his plans after his treatment, Pastor Albin says, “I want to help my tribe communicate with the authorities. There are many challenges that we face, but we need to work together to overcome them. With my eyesight back to normal, I will be able to serve my community better.”

For Pastor Albin, the gift of sight is more than just a physical one. It represents hope and a chance to continue his work helping his tribe. With the support of Operation Blessing partners, he knows that he can make a difference in his community and help improve the lives of those around him.

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