Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Charmaine Sales, 19, was abandoned. Her father died when she was in grade 5. That was when her mother left them for another man, leaving her and one of her siblings with her grandparents. That same year, she received the benefits of the Back-to-School (BTS) Program of Operation Blessing (OB).

However, her mother came back for her when she was in her first year of high school, so she needed to leave the city life to live with her stepsister in Bulacan, only to be left by her mother again.

With a weary heart, she braved coming back to the Metro. She did not finish her first year studies, even had back/failed subjects, and again found her way back to her grandparents. With so much courage, though in a very low emotional state, Charmaine approached Pastor Dem, her local pastor, and expressed her sincere desire to study again.

Driven by their passion to help, Pastor Dem, together with his wife, supported Charmaine’s studies for a while for her to prove herself again.

“She was able to keep her promise to focus on her studies. She is diligent and I thank God for her life. She also regularly attends church. She has good character, she is friendly and intelligent – a manifestation of her growing faith in the Lord,” a proud Pastor Dem stated when they visited OB. That alone made her worthy of the second chance.

Without second thought, OB granted her assistance for the second time. Now, she enjoys the same benefits as the other BTS beneficiaries, with daily allowance for her food and transportation. Charmaine just recently graduated from high school and is now going to take up Bachelor of Science in Education.

“Nagpapasalamat po ako sa Panginoon dahil sa Kanya po lahat nanggaling ang biyaya. Kung hindi dahil sa Kanya, di ako makakapagtapos ng high school.” (I thank God because every blessing comes from Him. If not for Him, I would not be able to finish high school).


Charmaine has siblings but all are her half brothers and sisters because they have different fathers. It’s a “mind your own business” scheme for them, each just finding a way to survive. People who personally know them have said that her mother goes from one place to another with her younger siblings whom she uses for begging in the streets.

Charmaine’s grandfather already passed away, and she is left with her now 89-year old grandmother who depends on her neighbors for her food. Today, Charmaine, her grandmother, and her brother are still living that kind of life—still relying on their neighbors and the family of Pastor Dem for their daily food and security. The BTS assistance is indeed a blessing for the family.

Charmaine never doubted the miracles God can provide for the needy. She knows that in every challenge she faces, she is never alone.


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