Last month, a fire tore through a residential neighborhood in Tondo, Manila. The blaze raged for nearly seven hours before firefighters were able to extinguish it.

Eunice Julio, a 27-year-old mother of two, was one of the fire’s survivors. “It happened around 10pm,” she recalled. “We were getting ready for bed when I heard our neighbor yell about a fire. I panicked, I didn’t know what to do.”

Eunice and her children lost everything in the fire. “We only have the clothes on our backs,” she said. “But at least my kids are safe. That’s all that matters.”

Eunice and four other families are now crammed into her sister’s small home. “It’s crowded and hot,” she admitted, “but it’s better than being on the street.”

The fire left Eunice feeling devastated. “We have to start over from nothing,” she wept.

Operation Blessing, a disaster relief organization, provided hygiene kits, devotional booklets, and much-needed water to the fire victims.

“This is a huge help,” said Eunice. “Now I have clean water for my children, and these hygiene kits will help prevent the spread of illness.”

In addition to material aid, the survivors also heard a message of hope and encouragement from a local church partner. The group joined in a prayer expressing their trust in God.

Operation Blessing’s relief efforts were made possible with the help of dedicated volunteers and generous donors.