The road to graduation is different for everyone. For Christine Requiez, it was a journey that started long before she set foot on a college campus.

Raised by her grandparents after her parents’ separation, Christine learned the value of hard work and perseverance.

She always had a hunger for knowledge and a desire to excel in her studies. Her grandparents, whose main source of income is fishing, recognized her potential and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. However, they were not in a position to pay for her education beyond high school.

Despite the financial challenges, Christine remained determined to succeed. Until finally, her dedication paid off when she became a part of Operation Blessing’s (OB) Back-To-School Project.

Christine was overjoyed at the opportunity to pursue higher education. She knew that it was her chance to fulfill her dreams and make her grandparents proud. With the scholarship, she was able to cover her tuition and other expenses without burdening her grandparents.

“Thanks to OB, my school allowance helped me attend all my classes and complete all my schoolwork on time,” Christine remarked.

During her college years, Christine also juggled her studies with taking care of her younger siblings. It was a bit challenging for her, but she managed with the help of her grandparents. She knew that she had to set an example for her siblings and show them that anything is possible if you have faith and perseverance.

For the donors who supported her, Christine has this to say: “We are blessed to be among the students you are assisting. The only way we can repay you is to continue studying and pursuing our dreams in order to not waste your help. We will always be grateful for all your support and sacrifice for us.”

The BTS Project supports underprivileged but deserving senior high and college students in gaining higher education through the provision of school supplies, allowances, and other school-related expenses. The project is in partnership with Orphan’s Promise.

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