Juliet Gudin, 38, could not keep her tears from falling while waiting outside the operating room. Sitting beside her is her mother, Letty, trying to encourage her though also evidently as worried for 7-month-old baby Flynn, who had to be operated to save him from becoming totally blind.

As early as 15 days after Flynn’s birth, Juliet had already noticed that there is something wrong with her baby when his left eye turned all black. Upon an ophthalmologist consult, Juliet’s fears were confirmed – her youngest child was diagnosed of congenital glaucoma. Since then, Juliet and her family sought different ways to help Flynn get the medical treatment he needs.

The doctors told them that Flynn needs a surgery that will cost them around ₱100,000 to ₱120,000 ($1900 to $2300). Juliet did not know where she could get enough funds for Flynn’s surgery since his husband’s salary is barely enough for their basic needs.

Seeing the family’s plight, Dr. Rachel Milante, OB’s partner ophthalmologist in Legazpi, Albay, guided the family on how to apply for OB’s Life-Changing Surgery Project.

On March 5, 2022, Flynn finally undergone a successful enucleation surgery – a procedure wherein doctors had to remove his left eye to save his right eye from glaucoma.

That moment seemed like the longest one-hour in the life of Juliet. Waiting outside the operating room, she could not do anything but cry.

Later, her worries were replaced with gratefulness. “Thank you,” is all Juliet could utter after seeing Flynn after the surgery at the recovery room.

Juliet was more relieved seeing Flynn energetic and cheerful again hours after his surgery.


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