From being an on-the-go person, often out for work either as a construction worker, farmer, or fisherman, Rogelio Rechacho Jr., 36, was suddenly bedridden for more than 2 years – unable to work and relied in the assistance of his family in doing daily activities such as bathing and bringing him food in bed. 

Rogelio had a vehicular accident in 2019 that broke his left thigh bone. For a chance to be well and walk again, he needed an orthopedic implant which was initially quoted at Php 75,000. 

Rogelio and his family did not have funds for the surgery he needed.  

Since the accident, Rogelio was unable to work. His father, a laborer, earns around Php 3,000 a month, while his mother does laundry which earns her around Php 1,400 in a month. Their monthly income is barely enough for their family’s basic needs. 

They struggled to save even for Rogelio’s follow-up check-up in Naga City and removal of the fixator in his injured leg. Because of the fixator, Rogelio was in constant pain when he moved. This caused him to just stay in bed most of the time. But more than the physical pain, it pained him to feel so helpless and dependent on other people every day.  

 I did not think I will be able to go back as how I was before, but I was really hoping to just be able to move around and do simple activities on my own… to do things without relying on others all the time,” says Rogelio on what he prayed for. 

Operation Blessing’s Disaster Response (DR) team saw him during a relief distribution in their community in Sipocot, Camarines Sur after the devastation of Typhoon Rolly. The DR team endorsed Rogelio to Operation Blessing’s Healthcare team who assisted him in all his medical needs. From the removal of his fixator, provision of crutches, check-ups, medicines, including the orthopedic surgery Rogelio was praying for, OB was there all along.  

“Thank you very much to all who helped fund my operation. l am grateful that after almost 2 years of not being able to walk, I was given the hope to walk again because of Operation Blessing. This is an answered prayer. Thank you for giving me a chance to be well again…” says Rogelio. 

Months after the surgery, he can now walk and go around their barangay aided by his walking stick and customized shoe. He also can do everything on his own now, and is on his way to full recovery so that he can work again. 

Rogelio is grateful that he is free from being stuck in bed. He can now freely and move painlessly, too. 

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