Marieta Puypoy is a 40-year-old Mangyan mother who lives in in the mountains of Sinariri in Oriental Mindoro. She has four children, and life is always a struggle for her family. They don’t have much, and they have to work hard every day just to survive.

One of Marieta’s children had been suffering from poor health for a long time. He was weak and frequently ill, which made it difficult for him to attend school regularly. The family couldn’t afford to take him to a doctor or buy him the medicine he needed.

However, things changed when Operation Blessing started providing food and medical assistance to the children in the area through its Bless-A-Child Project. Marieta’s son was one of the beneficiaries, and the nutritious food he received helped improve his health. “My son, Alden, started attending school more regularly and was able to keep up with his studies.”

OB also conducted a Medical Brigade in the area, which was a huge relief for Marieta and the other residents. “The health center is located three hours away, and it is almost impossible for us to make the trip, especially when we need urgent medical attention,” she said.

Marieta was able to have her tooth extracted, which had been causing her a lot of pain, and she also received free eyeglasses and medicines. She was glad and grateful for the help she received from the medical team.

The medical mission was not easy to organize, as it involved trekking for several hours through the mountains to reach the remote sitio. However, OB was determined to help the people in the area, and the volunteers knew that the mission would make a huge difference in their lives.

“Thank you very much for all your help. May you continue to bless other people living in hard-to-reach communities like us.”

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