Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Always committed to getting nutritious food to children, Operation Blessing has been making efforts to combat malnutrition through the Bless-A-Child (BAC) program since 1997. BAC is a feeding program that caters to children from six months to six years old.

As such, 45 impoverished children are currently benefiting from the program, 19 of whom are from Zamboanga, 14 from Samar, and 12 from Laguna.

Lyka Bustamante, 3, is among the 12 underserved children from Barangay Canlalay, Biñan, Laguna who currently enjoys the benefits of the BAC program. Before OB reached the community of Canlalay, Lyka had a skin allergy that her mother thought was incurable, and she was a second degree malnourished child. Second degree malnourishment means a child is commonly assessed to have a low height-for-age and has inadequate intake of proper nutrition for her age.


Lyka, third kid from the left

When OB started feeding the beneficiaries, there was a significant manifestation of physical improvement in the children. Their parents attest that the children became more active in their everyday activities, most of the children who go to school are more willing to attend classes, and they really get excited to go to church not just for the free meals, but to pray and thank God for the blessings as well. Lyka, for one, is no longer suffering from micro-nutrient deficiency because of the regular medical and dental missions conducted.

The service is not just for the beneficiaries but for the whole community of Canlalay, as well. OB also conducted livelihood training about natural farming to help the residents of Canlalay maximize their natural agricultural wealth. Seeds, especially vegetable crops, were planted; parents were educated on how to mix soils that could help the crops grow healthier, and they were told to value natural and responsible farming for their own benefit.

Also, to increase household income through cost savings and higher lifetime earnings, a financial breakthrough seminar was also conducted. Parents were trained on how to allocate their budget properly.

Indeed, the BAC program does not only cater to the needs of the underprivileged children of the community, but also helps prosper the holistic growth of the beneficiaries’ parents and guardians by engaging them in activities of productivity growth.

To date, 2,946 children have enjoyed the benefits of the BAC program. We are reaching more this year. Help us extend a helping hand to support the people in need and help lessen their burden. You can be of service; bless a child in need now.

For just 2,500 a month, you help a child have free meals, go to school, and procure free medicines through the quarterly medical and dental missions. Call us at 477-7802 to 04 or visit www.obphil.com/home to inspire change!