In our Mobile Clinic medical mission in Silang, Cavite, one of the first patients in line was 65-year-old Maria on her wheelchair accompanied by her husband and son, Virgilio and William. 

Maria was overwhelmed and in tears as his son pushes her wheelchair towards the line. 

“I feel pity for myself because I wasn’t this way before. I used to be strong and full of life. But this condition is what God gave me,” she said. 

She used to be a vibrant homemaker who raised all her seven children hands-on. But not until stroke took the life out of her a few years back. Her pre-existing diabetes made it worse and more difficult to recover. Since then, she cannot stand on her own anymore. She can no longer cook and do household chores, and it affected her sense of self-worth. 

“I pray that God will restore my strength,” Maria said with tears in her eyes. 

While her condition made her lonely, Maria found inspiration in the work of Operation Blessing. She and her husband were one of the first to undergo the free medical checkup by our volunteer doctor. They also heard about and found hope in God’s love. After the check up, they received their free medicine and vitamins. 

Maria was smiling and full of thanks. “I thank God for people like you who do these good works.” 

Our hearts are more than happy to serve. 

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