Written By Hannah Joy Osorio, Volunteer Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Makakalakad ako! (I will be able to walk!)” Francisca Condes of Zone 2, Sta. Fe, Leyte exclaimed with joy when she sat comfortably on her new wheelchair from Operation Blessing, given through New Life Baptist Church of Palo.

Francisca Condes, 50, was an Overseas Filipino Worker in Qatar for 23 long years. Having been able to earn money, she decided to come back to her homeland and invest. As she was financially aiding her relatives, they exploited her money on unnecessary material things, and in the long run she was left with nothing.

It was back in the year 2013, before that fateful day of November 8, when she had a stroke. After Typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan) struck the whole Eastern Visayas and left it devastated by its wrath, she was already bedridden.

Having no spouse and no children, the only one taking care of her is her 18 year old niece, Nicole Condes, who is currently a 2nd Year BS Hotel and Restaurant Management student at Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City. Due to her busy schedule which she balances with taking care of her aunt, Ms. Francisca is mostly left alone with food on the table, and no one to call for help except for neighbors who are also busy in their everyday lives.

Besides the continuity of her maintenance medicine, which is only helpful for maintaining her blood pressure, her condition does not really have the assurance of healing unless physically treated through therapy.

But, despite her condition, she completely and faithfully offers all these things to the Lord, praying without ceasing to be able to walk again.

Upon signing the agreement, overwhelmed with joy, she happily announced, “Makapunta na ako sa center! (I will now be able to go to the center!)”



Before leaving, Rev. Gamaliel S. Aliposa, NLBC-Palo Head Pastor, asked Francisca if ever God worked a miracle in her life and she be able to walk again, what would she do. Without hesitation, she answered with firmness and dignity, “Magseserb sa Panginoon. (Serve the Lord.)

Francisca Condes is one of the many Free Wheelchair Mission beneficiaries that were given hope through Operation Blessing. This is just one of the numerous blessings that the Lord is working in each of our lives.