As Princess Jalina, 22, lined up with her son in the medical area during Operation Blessing’s Mobile Clinic mission in Camarines Sur, her face was marked with fear and anxiety. She was carrying her one-year-old baby, Jacob, whose wound on his toe kept bothering her for days.

With a heavy heart, Princess shared how guilty she was for having been unable to look after her son most of the time, making her clueless for what caused Jacob’s wound.

“It was two weeks ago when I discovered his wound. I have no idea whether it was caused by a fallen object at home or if he tripped himself or made an accidental fall. I should have heard him cry if that’s the case,” she said, trying to hold back her tears.

Princess wanted to bring her son to the hospital or clinic that time, but she hesitated due to financial constraints.

When Operation Blessing conducted its three-day Mobile Clinic in Calabanga, Camarines Sur, Princess made sure to not miss the chance of free medical consultation.

But even as she waited for their turn to be checked up by the doctor, her gestures showed how uneasy she felt. “I am afraid he would need a complicated medication for his infected wound. I keep on thinking how difficult it could be for my baby… But thank God, the Operation Blessing Team was here to help clean my son’s wound.”

Jacob was also given antibiotics and vitamins after the treatment. “I am relieved and happy to see that my son is okay now. You really are a blessing to all of us here in Calabanga!” Princess said, excited and emotional for the help received.

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