Written By Jord Earving Gadingan, Volunteer Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

He had this contagious smile and a “Good morning” greeting that elated all the members of the visiting team as they entered their house.

Lexder Jay Gigantes, 6, was born with club feet. His feet are twisted out of the right position, preventing him from walking normally. Studies say that there is a clubfoot in every 1000 live births, and sadly, Lexder is the one in the 1000.


Life seems cruel to Lexder since he wasn’t only born with a physical deformity, but was also abandoned by his parents at such a young age.

“His parents are separated, and both have their own families now,” said Lola Elsa Judal, 54, Lexder’s grandmother, who has been taking care of him since birth, together with her husband Sander Judal, 50.

DSC_0148Lola Elsa works at home as a sewer and Lolo Sander works as a security guard to support their grandchild’s needs. But of course, Lexder has growing needs, and his grandparents are not getting any younger, so it’s becoming a burden to them, even just thinking about how Lexder would survive without them.

Due to financial constraint, Lexder has not yet been assessed by an orthopedic doctor. Orthopedic assessment is necessary to know the procedures that need to be done to realign his clubfoot condition.

But God is always faithful, never leaving Lexder alone in his battle. He still has loving guardians to raise him. In fact, Lexder was carried to school everyday by his Lola Elsa, whose own health is now degenerating.

It was an answered prayer for them that Lexder was one of the beneficiaries of a free wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission, in partnership with Operation Blessing and the Masbate City Social Welfare Department.

Lexder can now reach for his dreams, even by himself. By praying and giving, you can be a part of more answered prayers in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Call us at these numbers (02) 477-7802 to 04 to partner with us in this endeavor!