Silently seated on her wheelchair, 85-year-old Flauviana Balba waited first in line for the opening of Operation Blessing’s (OB) Mobile Clinic in Ibaan, Batangas.

“God is gracious, we are thankful because they visited us. We are happy we will be checked-up,” says Flauviana who shared that it has been months since she had her last check-up.

Flauviana suffered from stroke in February 2020, a month after the Taal Volcano erupted. She believes it could have been triggered by her stress and regrets from losing everything in the ashes of the erupted volcano.

She used to have a mini variety store and herd five goats their family sells for a living. Her children had good earnings from fish farming and their finances were stable then, enabling them to live peacefully in Taal Island.

“I always thought of our life in Taal Island; our life there was good,” says Flauviana, regret still reverberates in her voice.

Life became even more challenging when lockdowns due to COVID-19 were implemented in March 2020. But Flauviana clung to prayer, hoping for her family’s safety and recovery even amid pandemic.

Two years since, she feels encouraged seeing improvements in their life and her health. The local government granted them permanent housing, her children started working again, and she has gained a little weight and strength to be able to walk with support.

God also answered Flauviana’s prayer when OB’s mobile clinic visited and served their community in Ibaan, Batangas. She has been waiting to be checked-up again, since the pandemic made it difficult for her to go and see a doctor.

“The doctor said my lungs and heart are in good condition, and thank you for the (maintenance) medicines, I am praying continually that one day, God would totally heal me,” Flauviana said with relief.

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