Jenny Boy and Melanie Pajaron have been married for six years. But their road to forever was long and challenging.

During the first three years of their marriage, they were struggling as a couple. Jenny Boy shared, “I sleep during the daytime when my wife is awake because I had to work at night. She was busy with school and our infant baby during that time. We rarely spend time together because we had different schedules.” At the time, he worked as a cook at a KTV restaurant in his hometown.

Because they cannot afford to live on their own, they lived with their in-laws.

As a young family, this was especially challenging for the newlyweds as they navigate making big family decisions for the growing family. Combined with the pressure of having their own place and the need to follow their in-laws’ decisions for their family despite opposing views, this placed a strain on their marriage.

“While we were building our marriage and family, we were also serving at church. We were too busy serving then that we neglected to take care of our marriage,” said Melanie.

Community of Hope (COH) allowed them the opportunity to enter a new chapter in their lives and rebuild as a couple. Apart from fulfilling a lifelong dream for the couple, they were able to plan and execute a vision for their family. They learned how to manage their household, which included handling finances. COH’s free housing project alleviated their burden of paying rent and provided an opportunity to be part of a community.

Jenny Boy and Melanie are very grateful to Operation Blessing for helping them achieve their dream of owning a home. The couple looks forward to being good stewards of God’s gift and continue to serve the Lord by serving the COH community.

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(Story by Gyals Visaya; Photos by Rosemarie Caasi)