Photographs taken by Volunteer Photographer Ivan Llaneta

FOLLOW-UP STORY – We first met Luninging, 30, as one of the mothers of our Bless-A Child (BAC) program kids. She was very grateful that her daughter Elmira, 5, has taken a step toward a good and healthy future through the BAC Program. But like any mother, Luningning’s dreams for her family does not end with just one child. She is also hopeful that one day she will be able to give her family a comfortable life.

Luningning and her husband take care of their six children.

Along with Elmira, Luninging and her husband have five other kids. Three are already attending school, while their blind son and their youngest daughter stay at home. They live in a makeshift house beside a river which poses a threat to the family. Whenever the river water rises, it floods their home and the surrounding pathways and the family gets stranded. They are trapped there unless a boat can bring them to safety.

Luningning’s old house gets submerged when river water rises.

Luninging is aware that living there is dangerous for the family, but she and her husband could not afford to move or build a new house. Thankfully, the family received a pig from Operation Blessing to use to earn some extra income. After just four months of raising the pig, the family was able to sell it and the profits were used to construct a new, safer home.

The Vega family has already started constructing their new house using the profit they got from Operation Blessing’s livelihood assistance.

The family is so grateful for the provisions to have been able to construct their own house. Luninging can now give her family a comfortable home, away from the dangers of the river. Indeed, blessings after blessings have been poured out to their family. Thank you for your support and for being a conduit of blessing.

The Vega family has already stepped forward into better lives because of your support. Continue to work with us hand-in-hand in reaching out for more families. Click here.