Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

He used to have skin rashes all over his body, his cough and colds were constant, and his stomach ache and fever were intermittent. When staff and volunteers of Operation Blessing (OB) conducted the complete family assessment in Barangay Canlalay, Biñan, Laguna, he was diagnosed as a 3rd degree malnourished child.

His parents cannot afford to buy vitamins and their budget is always short for food so Anshey Dabuet, 4, and his three siblings weren’t getting the nutrients necessary for their proper growth and development.

Because of malnourishment, Anshey experienced developmental delay. However, since he became part of OB’s Bless-a-Child program (BAC), Anshey became more active in his everyday activities. He became more willing to attend his classes and is now a responsible brother to his siblings—recognizing the fact that he is the only boy in the family.

On the other hand, Anshey’s mother, 23 year old Aicel Sicat, always chose to stay home. Sometimes she accepts laundry from their neighbors because she is left to take care of her youngest child who is constantly rushed to the hospital because of frequent high fever.

Aicel never thought of attending church services. But because of the encouragement of the members of the Redeemed Family Foursquare Gospel Church, OB’s church partner, Aicel deliberately got to know God. Her faith became stronger when she finally realized how big OB’s contribution is in their spiritual life.

“I was the first and only one to fill out the forms because my neighbors did not believe the project. I am very happy that I made the right decision,” Aicel said.

From being the nagging housewife to being the understanding and more compassionate one, Aicel can attest how they are now changed through the grace of the Lord. They became more responsible in taking good care of their children and now acknowledge their valuable role as parents.

However, the 250 pesos per day that Anshey’s father, Raymond, is receiving as a gasoline boy is not enough to compensate for their family’s everyday needs.

“The [BAC] program took away my daily burden of what to prepare for my children. Because of the program, I learned how to budget my husband’s income and allocate more to buying food that contain more nutrients. It does not only benefit Anshey, it is a blessing to my whole family,” says Aicel.


Devoted to provide holistic aide not only to the BAC beneficiaries but also to their parents, Aicel received her complete set of equipment as a capital to start her long-time prayer of a barbecue stand.

“I am so happy and grateful [to OB]. You are indeed a blessing. It is not everyday that people we do not even know come along and extend help to my family. I always wanted to have this barbecue stand and my prayer is answered because of you. Thank you for your trust, I will never fail you,” Aicel happily exclaimed.


Help us inspire change not only in the undernourished children from under served communities but also their parents and guardians. For just Php 2,500 a month, you can help change a family’s way of dealing with the challenges of life.

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