Lilia Balantes, a 76-year old widow from Barangay San Jose in Antipolo City, has been experiencing abdominal pains. She’s also been diagnosed with hypertension, treating this illness for 5 years now.

In July 2020, she had herself checked at Antipolo Doctor’s Hospital and was given a prescription for anti-ulcer medications. She was advised to get a full abdominal ultrasound. However, since she cannot afford to pay for this test, she had no choice but to forego what the doctor had prescribed.

Lilia lives with her daughter Raquel and son-in-law Marlon, along with her two granddaughters. Raquel used to work for a housekeeping company. She was laid-off as the company had to downsize due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Her son-in-law is a postman, and his income can barely sustain the needs of the entire family. The family had no one else to turn to as other close relatives are going through similar financial distress.

Raquel was unsuccessful in seeking assistance from local social welfare offices. She turned to Operation Blessing and sought help for her mother’s health condition.

Medical assistance is one of Operation Blessing’s projects under its Healthcare Program, aiding poverty-stricken Filipinos who do not have access to proper healthcare. This program covers all medical expenses including doctor’s appointments, laboratory tests, and medicines. In addition, beneficiaries receive grocery food packages and bibles.

“When I saw your staff, I was filled with joy. Tears came running down my face when she held my hand,” said Lilia.

Lilia is very grateful, “You helped me and my family a lot! Operation Blessing helped me get the medical treatment I needed and the medicines to treat my illness. Thank you, Operation Blessing!”

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