Liezel’s story isn’t one of despair. Thanks to the support of Operation Blessing’s Life-Changing Surgery and Tebow CURE Hospital, Liezel underwent a series of surgeries that corrected her condition. Today, she stands tall without the need for assistance and walks confidently, with her height increased from 4’3” to 4’6”.

Liezel was born with Spastic Diplegia, a condition that made it difficult for her to stand straight or walk without a cane. Despite her physical limitations, she persevered through daily tasks and household chores. It was just the relentless bullying she endured at school that burdened her heart.

Born prematurely and with limited financial means, Liezel’s family couldn’t afford medical consultations. Yet, her parents, Ricky and Janet, worked tirelessly to provide for their family, even with the added responsibility of caring for elderly relatives. Liezel’s dream of pursuing Information Technology seemed out of reach due to her disability.

So, when an opportunity arose for Liezel to undergo the surgery she needs badly, her parents made the courageous decision to proceed with the surgery. It was a difficult choice, but they knew it was the best chance for Liezel to live a life without the constraints of her disability.

After a series of casting, surgeries, and wearing of walking boots, Liezel’s condition gradually improved. Her legs straightened, and she could stand tall without the aid of a cane.

With physical struggles behind her, Liezel’s outlook on life has transformed. “The bullying has stopped, and I feel happier and more confident.” Liezel’s dreams of college and a bright future have also been rekindled. Her parents, too, are filled with relief and gratitude for their daughter’s newfound strength and independence.

“I am grateful that my daughter was given an opportunity undergo surgery. Thank you very much to all who made this possible,” Ricky said.

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