The flood last March 9, 2022, was one of the havocs that tested Mario’s faith, a 35-year-old resident of Barangay Ticulab in Maitum, Sarangani Province. On that day, the floodwater reached chest level, threatening their safety. Mario and his wife immediately brought their children to a nearby military detachment, knowing it was the safest place for them to flee. They became vulnerable to the situation, especially their children.

The flashflood destroyed everything along its path, including Mario’s house and all their hard-earned belongings.

That unfortunate event was the first time Mario and his family were caught in floodwaters. Yet, during that terrible situation Mario was firm in what he believes about God, not allowing that storm to shatter his faith and impart fear.


“At that moment, I realized that it can be so easy to allow the storms in our lives to make us bitter, to let it drive us away from everything God has planned for our lives,” Mario said. “But we stand in what we believe that the Lord would not allow tragedy to befall in us,” he added.

Mario was grateful for God’s protection over his family. He was confident that God hears and answers every prayer, and knows exactly the way to rescue them.

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