Pastor Rafaelito Alosbaños, Jr. of Batuan, Bohol had never seen anything like it.

“The super typhoon that hit our town was unlike any storm I had ever experienced. The wind and rain were so intense, it felt like everything was coming to an end.”

Pastor Rafaelito had been living in the house above their church since 2018. It was a modest home, but it suited him and his family just fine. They had everything they needed, and it was convenient to be so close to their place of worship, but only until Typhoon Odette devastated their town and other areas in the Visayas Region.

When the storm had passed, Pastor Rafaelito was relieved to find that his family was safe. But his relief was short-lived when he saw the extent of the damage to his home and church.

The roof of their home had been ripped off, and everything inside was soaked. Worse still, their 50 broilers, which they raised for extra income, had been killed in the storm.

It was a devastating blow for Pastor Rafaelito. The church was his life’s work, and it had been destroyed in an instant.

“I had no idea how I was going to rebuild it. I had no money to pay for the repairs,” he said.

In partnership with the Bohol Evangelical Pastors Association (BEPA) and the 702nd CDC, 7RCDG, PA, Operation Blessing was able to distribute hundreds of reconstruction materials to houses and churches destroyed by Super Typhoon Odette.

As one of the selected beneficiaries, Pastor Rafaelito could not help but praise God for the provision given to him. He received sacks of cement, coco lumber, and plywood, which he intends to use for the walls and flooring of their church.

“It brings incredible relief to me knowing that there were people who cared and were willing to help us get back on our feet,” he said.


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