Minda Piang, 43, is a mom of 8 whose youngest is only three years old. Weeks after the fire in Tawi Tawi Street, Maharlika Village in Taguig City, she is still in shock and trauma. 

Her family was already winding down and getting ready to sleep when her neighbors started shouting, “Fire! There’s a fire!” Minda immediately got up and took her children to the other side of the street to make sure they’re safe and uninjured. 

The fire in Tawi Tawi Street grew and spread rapidly because the houses were compressed and were mostly made of light materials.  

“We lost everything we had. I am only able to save my children and some important documents, but all our belongings – clothes, appliances – are now gone,” she recalls. 

Having little children made their stay in the evacuation site extra difficult. The children are not comfortable staying in the little 2-meter square tent allotted for each family. 

How do they plan to recover? Minda’s husband is a tricycle driver and the income he makes is barely enough for their family of ten. Still, little by little, and with her children as her source of motivation, they will save up so they could start the reconstruction of their house. 

The community requested kitchenware sets since literally all their belongings are gone. Aside from the kitchenware sets, we have also provided one jerry can of clean filtered water for each family. Minda is one of the more than a hundred beneficiaries who received these goods, and she is deeply grateful. 

Thank you so much to all our donors and partners for making missions like these possible! With all our help and effort combined, we will be able to help more people. 

If you are being touched to help by giving, you can do so by going to www.operationblessing.ph. You can also contact 09399215543 or 09189067753 for more information. 

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