Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Pastor Alfredo de Leon, 47, was a part of the first batch of Operation Blessing’s (OB) volunteers who conducted medical missions in different parts of the country. He earnestly extended his service until he claimed what God had better in store for him abroad. That didn’t prevent him from serving the Lord because he never stopped lending a helping hand to OB.

“I give back because OB has a heart, it is a blessing. It has the framework of a mission that reaches out to the needy.  They address the medical needs of the people for the beneficiaries to know more about Christ,” he said.

The lowest point of Pastor Al’s life was when he came back from Saudi with nothing for his family. Not to mention that he also lost his house during the wrath of typhoon Ondoy. With God’s guidance, he persevered harder in life. It was never easy for him, but still he never missed allocating his budget for tithes.

Remembering what Mother Teresa said, he indeed never considers how much he gives but how much love he puts into giving. “Do good and good will come back to you,” he added.

Pastor Al is now an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in the United Arab Emirates. More importantly, he is now able to build his own big house and will come back home to the Philippines in April for his house warming.

ALFREDO DE LEON (4)Dedicated as always, he saved all his overtime pay for one year and bought a rubber boat he then donated to OB.

The rubber boat pastor Al donated paves the way for Operation Blessing to reach out and minister to more people. It addresses the organization’s need for faster access to bring relief and conduct first-hand rescue efforts. It also opened doors for the staff and volunteers to reach more disaster-stricken sites and be of service to our fellowmen. The rubber boat is much needed during unexpected blows of disaster- causing flood.

Undeniably, the habit of giving only enhances the desire to give. “Let us live with what the Lord is telling us, to give from the heart. We are drawn nearer to Him because of the act. If you give wholeheartedly, it becomes a lifestyle,” he gratefully stated to encourage other people to give.

Because of Operation Blessing’s partners, we are able to extend help to the underserved and least reached people of different communities. Join us in lifting others up. With your help, we inspire change.

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