Mariel Guballo is a responsible young lady who has a heart for the church and its ministries. She was in Grade 6 when her father passed away, leaving her mom to raise her and her five siblings.

Mariel put off college after finishing high school to give way to her elder sister, the eldest among the siblings, hoping that when her sister graduates, she would help elevate their family’s financial situation.

But to her disappointment, her sister married right after college, got pregnant, and is now unable to support their family financially.

Mariel’s brother, the third child, is now also married and has his own family to support.

Raising and sending Mariel and her three other siblings to school are now laid on their mother’s shoulders, who earns a living by gathering and selling fish and seashells.

When a typhoon hit their town, Mariel volunteered in her church to help pack relief goods. That was when she met a staff of Operation Blessing and learned about the Back-To-School Project.

Her church backed her scholarship application, and after three years of skipping school, Mariel finally got to enroll in college and take Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Since then, Mariel has eased the burden that her mother bears.

“BTS has been a great help to me because, without it, I might not be in college today. We would not have afforded the school expenses. Now, I no longer ask my mother for my school load, fare, and other school needs.”

Mariel dreams to finish college, land on a permanent job, and help her mother.

With BTS, she is likely to realize this desire sooner.

“I am thankful to our sponsors who, even without meeting us personally, still support us. This is a huge help to me financially. I hope that God would continue to bless them,” she said.

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