Veronica’s faith remains immovable despite being shaken by the strong quake!

“When I felt the violent movement of the ground, I found myself raising my hands and instinctively praying loudly, ‘Lord, Lord, please save us!’” she shared, with tears in her eyes.

Veronica Lazo is a resident of Tayum, Abra where the epicenter of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Luzon in July 2022.

She is grateful that her whole family is safe, but she admitted that the quake left her and her loved ones traumatized. They were scared every time an aftershock jolts their area. She would just cling to God to prayer until the tremor is over.

To help process the trauma and encourage her and the community, our Disaster Response team together with our church partner, Jesus Is Lord Church Abra, ministered to the families. Food bags, solar lamps, and purified water were distributed afterwards.

“Thank you so much! I always tell my family that God will provide everything we need. Here it is, God provides indeed,” says Veronica while holding her food bag.

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