The journey to Sinariri High School was a long and arduous one for Teacher Franjie and his students, but it was a sacrifice they were willing to make.

Sitio Sinariri is home to the Mangyan people, who have been living in the area for generations. The community is surrounded by lush vegetation and pristine streams, but its isolation has made it difficult for the people to access basic services such as education.

Despite the challenges of teaching in a remote area, Franjie was determined to help the Mangyan children receive an education. For several years, their classroom was an old church, but it was destroyed by a great storm.

The town mayor then provided makeshift rooms for grade 7 and 8 students, but they were worried about the higher grade levels. Franjie and the community then came up with a plan to divide the room to accommodate the grade 9 and 10 students. However, it was still not enough, and the students were struggling to learn in the limited space.

“Good thing Operation Blessing offered to help,” the 27-year-old teacher said. “They constructed classrooms for students in grades 9 and 10, which provided them with a safe and conducive environment to learn. Students are now excited to study and are determined to walk for hours just to be educated.”

In addition to constructing the classrooms, Operation Blessing, together with its military partners, also visits the community on a monthly basis and provides school supplies such as paper, pens, notebooks, and armchairs for the students. These supplies have had a significant impact on the education of the Mangyan children, who now have access to the tools they need to learn and succeed.

All in all, the teachers, parents, and students in the community of Sitio Sinariri are thrilled with the assistance that Operation Blessing has provided.

“As a teacher, it gives me immense joy to see my students having the drive to study again. I am grateful for Operation Blessing’s support and dedication to improving the lives of the Mangyan people here in Sinariri.”

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