Written By Phoebe Coloma, CBN Asia

While most humanitarian organizations have concentrated their disaster response efforts in the cities and nearby towns affected by Typhoon Yolanda, Operation Blessing made a point of identifying isolated communities who have not received as much help after the typhoon. One of the communities deemed as needing help was Tapaz, Capiz.

When Acer and Diana Arle heard about Operation Blessing’s medical mission in Tapaz, they took the five hour motorcycle ride to have their three month old baby girl seen by a doctor.When they didn’t see the Operation Blessing team at the site, they thought the medical mission wasn’t pushing through.

They didn’t know that one of the trucks in Operation Blessing’s convoy had a flat tire delaying the team’s arrival at the site.On their way home, the disappointed couple chanced upon the stalled Operation Blessing team.

Right there and then, an Operation Blessing doctor attended to baby Hannah. She was diagnosed as having pneumonia and was given the medication she needed. Acer and Diana were also given instructions on how to properly care for their ailing daughter and were provided with all the medicines Hannah needed.

“It was good that we saw her. She could have died of pneumonia if she didn’t receive treatment in time,” says Dr. Sheila Aranas.

In addition to receiving medical care, the couple was also given relief goods. They went home happy to have received more than what they hoped for.