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When disasters strike, OB volunteers are often
the first on the ground and the last to leave.
They bring hope and help to those facing crisis and disaster.

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Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. is the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia, the producer of “The 700 Club Asia.”

Established in 1996 to reach out to the most neglected and disadvantaged people in the Philippines, Operation Blessing is a non-governmental organization, duly licensed by the Department of Social Welfare
and Development and accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification as a donee institution.



Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among the future generation.


Whether in response to natural disasters such as a storm, fire, earthquake, or tsunami, or to refugees in the midst of life-threatening conflict, Operation Blessing is helping victims or survivors endure and recover by providing critical aid.


Operation Blessing Philippines provides a diverse range of medical services to individuals and communities considered as the “poorest of the poor” and that have little or no access to proper healthcare.


Operation Blessing help alleviate hunger for people impacted by disasters or populations in marginalized communities.

Our Stories

A father’s dream

"Because of poverty and my mother's illness, my parents were unable to support my studies. As a result, I found myself helping my father in his work at a young age," explains Dokyo Rugmay, reflecting on his desire to pursue education that could only be fulfilled until...

A milestone achieved

For four years, Grace had the privilege of being a Back-To-School (BTS) scholar, and it made a world of difference in her life. Mary Grace Amaro is the sixth child in a family of seven siblings. The meager income her parents earned often left them with debts, making...

A Scholar’s Pledge

Rica Mangahas is on the verge of accomplishing a remarkable milestone in her life. As she approaches her graduation day, she reflects on the incredible journey she had with the unwavering support of Operation Blessing's Back-To-School Project, in partnership with the...

The scholarship that changed everything

Despite facing financial challenges, Cyra San Gabriel harbored dreams of pursuing a college education. Her journey, however, was far from easy, and she contemplated abandoning her dreams. Little did she know that a big blessing was about to emerge through a...

Rising to new heights

With a heart full of gratitude and a spirit of determination, Allen stands at the precipice of his future. He is ready to begin a new chapter, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and unwavering support of Operation Blessing's Back-To-School Project, in partnership...

When nurtured dreams manifest

Like many success stories, Back-To-School scholar Monte Carlo Faustino was not without challenges. He encountered numerous obstacles, including financial constraints, limited educational resources, and personal setbacks. However, his passion and perseverance propelled...

Walking the extra mile

The journey to Sinariri High School was a long and arduous one for Teacher Franjie and his students, but it was a sacrifice they were willing to make. Sitio Sinariri is home to the Mangyan people, who have been living in the area for generations. The community is...

A Mangyan’s fight for his dreams

Growing up in a small village in the mountains of Sitio Sinariri in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro, Marlou Layhot, 25, never imagined he would be able to continue his studies, let alone be accepted as Operation Blessing's Back-To-School (BTS) scholar. Marlou belonged to...

Leaving a Legacy of Learning: The Story of a Mangyan Teacher

Growing up in a Hanunuo Mangyan tribe, Menya Lanas never thought her future would be anything more than what she saw around her. But she was determined to change that. From a young age, Menya, who lives in the mountainous area of Sinariri, saw the lack of educational...

From hardship to hope

The road to graduation is different for everyone. For Christine Requiez, it was a journey that started long before she set foot on a college campus. Raised by her grandparents after her parents' separation, Christine learned the value of hard work and perseverance....

More than they hoped for

"I went to the health center yesterday to have my blood pressure checked and found out it was high, but there were no available medicines. I was informed there will be a medical mission here today, so I decided to come to see if I could ask for medicines," shares...

The heat of challenge

Dolores Santarin recently faced a life-changing challenge. She was diagnosed with subacute cerebrovascular disease infarct, a condition that required her to take daily maintenance medication. Despite diligently following her treatment plan, unforeseen circumstances...

Road to a Brighter Smile

Michael Arroyo, Jr., 64, came to Operation Blessing’s Medical Brigade in Bantayan Island seeking help to extract one of his molars that frequently gives him days of toothache. Michael is a fisherman. When the weather is fine, he can earn up to ₱1,600 ($28), which he...

PRESS RELEASE: Operation Blessing and Tebow CURE Hospital continue to join forces to provide Life-Changing Surgeries!

The partnership between Operation Blessing and Tebow CURE Hospital is fueled by a shared vision—the vision of accessible medical and surgical care for the poor. Recognizing the immense challenges faced by those living in dire poverty, both organizations are committed...

Care for senior citizens

Despite the wind blowing and the rain pouring, individuals and parents with their children didn’t miss the chance to have their medical needs met. Many of them came early, and among the beneficiaries are Evelynda and Romeo Ramos, a senior citizen couple.   Evelynda...

Necrotic wound cleaned at OB Medical Mission

Alfredo Salasar came to Operation Blessing's Medical Brigade suffering with an infected big toe for 7 months now. He said, he accidentally fell down from his bed and toenail was peeled off last December 2022. The wound has worsened and the pain was getting worst. He...

Unveiling the smile within

Imagine a child, born into a humble home at Sitio Malikongkong, in Marilog District, Davao City, his family's love and dedication their only possessions of worth. Jun, the firstborn of his parents, Joel and Lorena, came from a loving yet impoverished family. His...

80-year-old grandma happy to get dental extraction at OB Mobile Clinic

In our Mobile Clinic activity in Lemery, Batangas, we met 80-year-old Leticia Arenas. She came for the dental extraction service. Leticia, beautifully wrinkly crowned with silver hair, is still sharp and smart to talk to. She is also physically strong. She is a widow...

Vision and hope restored

This June, we were able to serve hundreds of residents in and nearby Brgy. Tubuan, Lemery, Batangas through our Mobile Clinic. This community is an hour away from the city, which means going to the health center with complete medicine and facilities is quite costly....

Orica donates 23 wheelchairs to Operation Blessing

Orica, a global leader in mining and infrastructure solutions providers, showcased their commitment to corporate social responsibility by making a generous contribution to Operation Blessing. The donation took place during Orica's Team Building Program at the esteemed...

Enduring consecutive catastrophes

Once a safe shelter, the home of Irene de Jesus in Brgy. Lipcan, Bangued, Abra became a battleground against the raging floodwaters of Typhoon Egay. Irene was a dedicated housewife, taking care of her two children, aged 13 and 10, who were both studying. As a...

A sudden disruption

It was John Lesner Paliza’s first time becoming an evacuee. He lived comfortably in Sorsogon all his life. When he and his wife, Janelle, got married, they decided to stay in Albay. It’s been only three years since they moved to their home in Brgy. Salugan when Mayon...

Rising from the ashes

In the bustling city of Sta. Cruz, Manila, 32-year-old Maricel Hera faced life's challenges head-on. She lives with her husband, Ricardo, and their six children. Life was far from easy for them, and they relied on Ricardo's modest income as a household helper to make...

From loss to abundance

Isaganie Mendez is a fisherman from Matawe, Dingalan, Aurora. He lost everything to the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses. His boat, which was his primary source of living, was severely damaged, and their house was affected, too. Isaganie, however, saw a glimpse of hope...

Against the tides

Leovel Moreno, a 53-year-old fisherman from Brgy. Estrella, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, had spent more than 35 years of his life at sea. He had weathered storms and battled against the unpredictable tides to provide for his family. Although he had hopes of completing...

A new chapter for the Abarra family

In the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, Ronnie Abarra and his family faced a bleak future with no home and no means to rebuild their lives. Ronnie Abarra, 29 years old, vividly remembers the devastation that Typhoon Yolanda brought to his hometown, Leyte. The typhoon...

A gift that lasts

Having a place to call her own, where she could raise her children in safety and comfort, was a dream that seemed out of reach for Lurline after a disaster struck down their home in Leyte. Lurline Repunte is a 53-year-old mother of six children who has always been a...

Growing a better future

Every morning, Joel would wake up early to tend to his farm. He would check on his string bean plants, making sure that they were getting enough water and sunlight. He is meticulous in his work, knowing that the quality of his plants will affect his sales. Joel Dupa...

A place to call their own

Forced to start over from scratch in the aftermath of a disaster, Racheal and her family faced an uncertain future. Racheal Catapal, a 31-year-old mother, and her family had lived in a small coastal town in Southern Leyte. They had a simple life with the support of...

Thriving together in a community of hope

When Operation Blessing opened the Community of Hope for Typhoon Yolanda survivors, the beneficiaries had no idea that it would become more than just a place to live. It would become a community of hope that would change lives forever. Marilyn Desabille had always...


Operation Blessing is committed to help transform people’s lives – from one who is desperate to one who is full of hope.
But we cannot do so on our own. We need YOUR HELP. Get involved NOW. Together, let us make a difference.
We usually think that if we volunteer, it will take a lot of our time, it will consume our resources, but I can testify that if you give from your heart, whatever you can give – may it be your talent, time, resources – you will receive more in return.
Dr. Darwin Gaba

Volunteer Dentist

It reminds me that as a Christian, you don’t just speak God’s word, but you live it. With OB, they practice what they preach. Everyone can serve, but not everyone can serve with compassion, and that’s what Operation Blessing does – serving with compassion,
Caroluzzi Lagunay

Student Volunteer

“Get outside of your 4 walls and see for yourselves. You can be a blessing, just by showing up, just by being there or just by talking to somebody. You do not have to join or organize events or charities to see what you can do,”
Philip Pamintuan

Dance Choreographer and Zumba instructor

Let’s INSPIRE CHANGE to better our nation – one family, one community, at a time.
Lend a helping hand by volunteering as a medical worker, teacher, counselor, fundraiser, photographer,
writer, registration personnel, encoder, all-around assistant or in any way you can.

Corporate Partnerships

Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. gives an opportunity for your company to become a vessel of change in someone’s life as we aim to proclaim the good news and bring transformation in the lives of the people. We are more than privileged to connect your company in giving hope for our afflicted kababayans crying for physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual help.

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Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among our kababayans.